Good day,

I’m Marinus Riedijk, but people call me Mo.

In 2020, after working on various family farms, I was ready to buy my own farm. Based on my experience on farms, guidance from family and endless research, I knew regenerative farming was a better choice. Using everything I learned, I bought the best, most user-friendly fencing and energizers I could find for my soon-to-be farm.

But then, the land deal fell through and I had a lot of fencing that I couldn’t use. So, I had to sell it. Seeing the success farmers had with this fencing and the appetite for good quality equipment, I decided to become a dealer for Timeless Fence Systems.

As I sourced the best equipment, I became a dealer for more brands.

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Seeing the change this has made for so many farmers, I hope to make regenerative grazing an option for everyone, so they can see the same benefits

The benefits of regenerative farming

Most pastures are only growing half their potential for forage. Continual grazing programs, or too-short rest period, allow animals to overgraze on the best plants. They return to the same, nutrient-rich plants over and over until the plant is dead. This leaves your land less and less nutrient dense by year. With regenerative farming, you build soil and drought resiliency for a more secure future and insurance for the coming years and generations.

Over the years, we’ve seen regenerative farming practices give farmers:

  • Healthier soil
  • Healthier animals
  • Lower costs
  • More profit
  • Drought resiliency
  • Up to 40% higher stock density

Don't know what you need or what will work for you?

We’ll give you honest advice and work with your budget so you can be confident you’re getting the equipment you need.