Gripple Wire Joiner

Gripple Tensioners are a quick way to join and tension wire fencing, up to five times faster than traditional methods.

Gripples can be used on plain, barbed or electric wire and, on all types of stock fence. They can be used to install fencing for example tying of and tensioning the wire, but they can also be used for a quick and cost-effective way of fixing a broken wire on a fence.

They are adjustable with a release key or any pin the seize of the release hole and can be re-tensioned year after year.

Can be used for 10-14 gauge wire or 15.5 gauge barbed wire available in 25 or 200 pc jars.

T-Gripple can be used to thigh of the end of the wire or end of a woven fence.

Release key comes with every Gripple order.

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