Taragate Reel

A reel is an essential tool for setting up portable electric fences with ease and effectiveness. A geared reel makes setting up and taking down a temporary fence much faster. The Taragate 3:1 reel has a genuine 3:1. The Taragate reel has a 5-year UV guarantee on plastics.
The Taragate Geared Electric Fence Reel was made by farmers, for farmers! The empty Taragate Reel allows you to add your own tape, braid or wire. Geared reels are suitable on farm for rotational grazing, strip or mob grazing, and temporary electric fencing.
Reel fits 200m (656’) polytape or 400m (1312′) polybraid.


Reels come empty, but we can pre load them on request.

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Empty Reel, Reel with Mixed Metal Powerflex Polybraid