Timeless Fence Step-In Post Final Sale!

One of the best step in post currently on the market, the Timeless fence post is high quality and sturdy. The post has a H-profile which makes it very sturdy. The post has 1 position for polytape and 8 positions for Polybraid. the position hook for the polybraid is strong and designed in a way to set up and take down the fence in no time, also the design of the ‘hooks’ is made so it will never wear on the wire. Plastic is from a high grade polymers and is UV stabilized which will give you a long lasting post. The stake is made from galvanized steel with a small diameter, this will make it much easier to push the post into the ground compared with other brands. The overall length of the step in post is 43″ which makes this a very universal post for sheep, cattle, goats and pigs.


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