Timeless Fence Post Spacing

Goodday, Mo here,

We get quite often the question about the post spacing for the timeless fence T-posts.

There are a lot of different opinions about post spacing and fencing in general, but we’ll try to help you with what we always recommend here in Alberta. It is not perfect but it’s a bit of a guideline.

Our spacing recommendation for Timeless Fence Posts is between the 15 and 30 feet apart, depending on terrain and animals.

Here are some questions I ask the customers which you can ask yourself when you are planning for fence post spacing:

  • What kind of animals am I trying to keep in or out?
  • What kind of animals are crossing my fencing (Deer, Moose or Elk)?
  • Is the terrain I’m fencing hilly or flat?
  • If it is hilly, what kind of soil do I have? Do I need more posts to keep the posts in or else they pull out?
  • Do I make some corners or some curves?

Based on these questions we provide usually these different answers:

  • For goats 15 ft spacing on flat terrain
  • For sheep about 20 ft spacing on flat terrain
  • Cattle on flat terrain 20-35 ft spacing depends on the cattle behavior to electric fence.
  • For hilly land… it is hard to give an answer but always count on extra posts in the dips.

3 things you have to keep in mind:

  1. Good fences make good neighbors
  2. Animals will not touch a hot electric fence – it is a mental barrier rather than a physical barrier.
  3. The bigger the spacing the cheaper the fence – side note, common sense goes a long way 🙂 

Here is a brief recommendation for the post spacing – as we said common sense goes a long way on this, each scenario is different, but these should be some handy guide lines.

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