Cyclops Energizer DC (battery)

The best DC/battery powered fence chargers your money can buy, including the best lightning protection in the world! All Cyclops chargers are built in a modular design. This means any repairs down the road will be easy which will reduce repair costs. All models are low impedance. Each model contains specially made fuses to protect from fence line hits. This greatly reduces failures from lighting and reduces repair cost! Most of the time, fuse replacement will repair the fence charger after a lightning hit. All models come with spare fuses.
The Cyclops chargers are built in the USA and are made with High quality parts.
Please ask us how you can use any of the battery operated chargers in a solar situation. We will be happy to help you and give some advice.

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Stallion 2.5 Joule, Champ 5 Joule, Brute 8 Joule, Super 12 Joule, Master 20 Joule, Boss 32 Joule